3 Key Strategies to be More Successful in All Areas of Life

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In this FREE Video Training Keir will be teaching the 3 Key Strategies to Be More Successful in All Areas of Life.

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The Problem

Often times there are things that get in our way and prevent us from living to our full potential. Life throws obstacles and challenges at us all the time. We get pulled in so many directions by the realities of day-to-day life with our families, our jobs and careers, and the various other demands on our time. We sometimes let certain things become neglected, certain things that are foundational to living energetically and in an inspired way each and every day.

Sometimes we just get comfortable, complacent, we get into a regular mode of working and living, that can feel like we are simply just “showing up”.  Life becomes more complex and challenging as we grow older; our responsibilities increase, people become more reliant on us, and the stakes of our life rise as well. It can be easy to get into auto-pilot mode, and just feel like you’re going through the motions sometimes, but not really living inspired and energetically, enthusiastic and charged, for life anymore.

What this does though, is make it harder for us to live an inspired life, a life driven and fueled with passion, energy, and a commitment to living fully every day to our highest potential. Because a life not lived passionately is a life not lived fully and to one’s capability.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what habits, routines, and strategies are required to live more energetically and intentionally, and to be more successful in all areas of our life. So we take half measures and try certain things we hear or read about, but don’t get any lasting result or real transformation.

In this free video training we will cover the 3 key strategies you need to be more successful in all areas of your life, and how to really create a life on your terms.

Searching for a Solution

When we continue to live under our potential and to not experience the success in life we know we are capable of,  we sometimes don’t take the right action on changing the way we live, work and experience this amazing thing called life. We start to then experience the problems outlined above that manifest themselves in our day to day lives in many different ways. We start to feel discouraged, as we cannot understand why we are not advancing faster in our careers and achieving our goals, living more fully in our personal lives, and having more meaningful relationships with our significant others, our kids, our siblings, our colleagues, and our friends.

Did we become less ambitious and serious about personal and professional growth and achievement just because we got older? Can we even get back what we lost? We ask ourselves all of these questions, and more…but often without concrete answers or solutions. We invest in programs, books, we read podcasts and listen to speeches, we attend events and groups even perhaps…but nothing seems to be that spark, that solution we so crave.

We also sometimes feel ashamed, defeated, guilty and embarrassed that we may actually have a problem or at least a situation we should really address more directly to seize back control of our lives. We don’t want to reach out because of this often, and it prevents us from getting the support, the help and the tools to really meaningfully address and break free from whatever it is that might be holding us back.

What if you could be more successful at work, in your business and career? In your relationships and in your personal life?

From Prison...

know exactly how you may feel, the emotions and discouragement of feeling stuck, like you’re not living fully to your potential and highest self. I’ve had several major life events where I never thought I would ever make it through them. Where I felt so alone, so lost, so without purpose, hope and a blueprint and plan to move forward to create and live an inspired life of my dreams on my terms.

I fell to life’s lowest bottom when I was 23, when I caused an alcohol-related boat accident that claimed the life of a friend of mine in college. I was subsequently sentenced and ended up serving 3.5 years in prison as a result of the accident. This horrible tragedy presented a fork in the road for how I could choose to live my life: let this horrible loss and event claim the lives of two people, or take the opportunity to seize control of my life and find a better way to live.

...To Purpose

I chose the latter, and addressed the reasons why this happened and took complete responsibility and ownership over what happened and my life moving forward. I created a new way to live, which became this system and the Live Inspired Mindset, which allowed me to live with a new massive life vision, and create a life of purpose and redemption, based on freedom and living freely and fully every day. 

I chose to seize control over my life and my destiny, and I’m here to tell you that you can live to your full potential, and finally step into living your best life, freely and fully every day as well…if you take certain steps and develop certain habits, behaviors, routines and mindsets.

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What is this system and unique approach to living more successfully in all areas of life? 

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What's Covered in The FREE Video Training

The 3 key strategies to be more successful in all areas of your life

Create a life on your terms


Develop an Unstoppable Growth MINDSET

Gain Clarity Around Your PURPOSE

Develop & Sustain a High Level of ENERGY

An inspiring, real-life example of the ultimate comeback story! Keir learned how to change his life, allow him to help you change yours.

Rory Vaden

New York Times bestselling author and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker


Keir Weimer’s successes were built on a foundation of resilience and unwavering vision. Distilling his triumphs over adversity down to strategic bits of wisdom and easy-to-replicate behaviors.

Hilary Billings

Keynote Speaker and on-camera host at Red Carpet Confidence

"We are all products of our past experiences, successes, and failures. Each of us has to decide whether we are victims or victors. Keir Weimer has laid his past bare and provides practical wisdom for living an inspired life. This book will help you grow as a person and become a victor."

— Adam Weitsman, CEO of Upstate Shredding

The Choice is Yours

Sometimes all it takes is trying a new strategy and approach to achieve different results in life.

Are you ready to take your life and career to new levels of success?

3 Key Strategies to Be More Successful in All Areas of Life

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Keir Weimer is an expert in entrepreneurship, real estate and personal development and optimization, having founded and successfully led multiple seven-figure companies in the real estate, multimedia and personal development spaces.

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Keir and his insights have been featured in major global media such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several others. Keir is now focused on sharing his expertise and success to help others through a next-generation education, coaching & information company, Keir Weimer Multimedia, LLC.